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Advanced skin resurfacing. Hydrodermabrasion treatments harness exfoliation methods of microdermabrasion  paired with intense product infusion, simultaneously to achieve skin renewal + rejuvenation, client comfort and treatment efficacy.

This is a treatment that will leave your skin glowing!!! you will immediately notice improvements to your skins smoothness, complexion and hydration, with no real downtime,  slight pink flushing is a normal and will subside in the hours following treatment.

This is a versatile treatment that can be used not only on the face neck and décolleté but hands back and buttocks, or any areas that you maybe experiencing thickened skin keratosis pilaris on back of arms and any other part of the body as we have a range of different diamond tip sizes and grit strength to target all concerns, paired with customisable product infusion to further treat your specific concerns such as dryness, visible signs of ageing, fine lines, congestion, uneven skin tone and excess oil.

This treatment is fully customisable so can be readily available to any skin concern or tailored to be a longer more in depth treatment or a quicker express treatment for the time poor.


This involves a double cleanse using cosmeceutical grade products on your skin with steam, hydrodermabrasion modality and tailored solution to suit your skin concerns which are determined in your consultation, all your finishing serums, moisturisers + SPF.

TREATENT TIME: 30mins.     COST: $100


Elite hydrodermabrasion experience is those looking to take this treatment to the next level we start with skin consultation to determine which product we will be through our treatment together to best target your skin concerns, then steps go through a double cleanse of your skin with steam we preform the hydrodermabrasion plus any extraction if these are to be added into your facial, we can then choose an enzymatic exfoliation or a AHA peel to be used for extra glow, followed by a mask chosen by your therapist from our selection of deep cleansing, sheet masks, hydro jelly, or cream, while this mask is left on your skin we will be preforming either arm and hand or foot massage, followed by head neck and shoulders, mask is removed and your selection of after care products treatment plan and homeware suggestions will be given.

TREATMENT TIME: 70minutes  COST: $210

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